The Freedom of Flexibility

thYQVCLEWDI’ve never been a very flexible person. You can ask my yoga teacher, who has seen me struggle with the “downward dog” pose. Or you might talk to my fifth grade gym instructor about the day I fell on my head trying to do a back-bend.   My muscles have always defaulted to rigid and stiff rather than relaxed and malleable. So it seems to go with my approach to life, too. My perfectionistic personality likes to run a tight ship – with activities and schedules well-defined so that the outcome is predictable and safe.

The problem is, of course, that not everyone on the ship always follows the same manifesto – and sometimes they rock the boat off course!

Such was the case recently where I work. I was in charge of a major event with sixty international guests and worked for months to line up all the details.   I had the schedule completed and confirmed down to the minute, with activities planned, a caterer hired, supplies purchased, and volunteers lined up. The scene was set for a perfectly executed day. Continue reading