The Kisser (Bailey, Part 3)

To get the complete story, please read Chosen (Bailey, Part 1) and The Fearbiter (Bailey, Part 2) first!


It was a break-through moment.  My dad and I had persevered for close to a year, gently trying to help Bailey overcome his abusive past.  To that point Bailey had exhibited fear and oftentimes aggression if anyone other than me came too close.   That Sunday dad arrived for his routine visit and sat down in his usual place on the couch. Bailey boldly jumped up next to him. Then, he did something he had never done before—he laid  down with his front paws overlapping my dad’s leg, anticipating a treat. We rejoiced, as it was the first time Bailey had ever intentionally touched my dad.

Bailey's miraculous moment--touching dad for the first time

Bailey’s miraculous moment –touching dad for the first time.

From that day on, Bailey only continued to improve. In the six years since his adoption, he has changed from an abuse-scarred animal into a loving, well-behaved, handsome fellow—in short, the perfect pooch for our family. Now when we go to my dad’s house for a visit, Bailey can’t wait to tear through the door and run straight for my dad, who is usually sitting in his recliner. Bailey takes a flying leap into his “granddad’s” lap and my father delightedly exclaims, “Well, hello, buddy!” When family visits from out of town, Bailey is in doggie-heaven. He makes the rounds, moving from lap to lap to receive the maximum number of tummy-rubs.

A moment of mutual adoration--Dad and his granddog

A moment of mutual adoration–Dad and his granddog

A few months ago Bailey was due for some booster vaccinations.   A vet who had never seen him before came into the exam room to administer the shots. Opening the file, she saw the word “FEARBITER” highlighted at the top of the folder—a label that had remained on Bailey’s record since his first fateful visit to the clinic.   “When should we muzzle him for his shots?” she asked. “I really don’t think that’s needed,” I replied. “Bailey is not the same dog he was when he first came out of the animal shelter.”   The vet took my word for it and proceeded to inject Bailey in the scruff of his neck. He didn’t even flinch. Then my “boy” did something that made me burst with pride. He reached up and gave the vet a lick on the nose.

She immediately grabbed Bailey’s file, reached for her pen, and scribbled furiously. When she turned the folder so I could see it, a huge smile broke out across my face.   “Fearbiter” was obliterated, and in its place a new word was written in large capital letters: KISSER. I couldn’t have been more proud than if I was a parent watching my child cross the stage at commencement. That moment officially commemorated Bailey’s transformation. And it reminded me that it was no accident that God led Bailey to choose me to be his “mom.”

Jane and Bailey 9-12 003 (2)

Bailey the Kisser

Bailey’s story taught me many lessons. I learned that negative behavior often has hurt and fear at its core. More importantly, I witnessed the transforming power of persevering love, gentleness and kindness.   I now realize that when God brings someone into my life that is exhibiting behavior that is difficult to be around, I need to be patient. The Creator isn’t finished with him or her yet—or with me. It’s possible that fear-biter may really be a kisser in disguise.

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear.”

I John 4:18

“Love is patient, love is kind . . . It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” 

1 Corinthians 13: 4, 7

Bailey on Don's lap (3)

Bailey this summer, loving time on his “uncle’s” lap at a concert in the park.

12 thoughts on “The Kisser (Bailey, Part 3)

  1. Love the ending! My heart also took a leap when you wrote about the vet crossing out FEARBITER. I had a similar moment of pride, (which I’ve told you about before), when I first took Livi into the vet and they were all so shocked that she was the same dog that had been yappy and aggressive towards them in the past because now she was quietly sitting next to me, giving me “kisses!”

    I’m so glad Bailey became a part of your life. It is obvious that he is your pride and joy and I always look forward to hearing about him!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Finally, the great anticipated part 3 to the wonderful conclusion to a story of patience and what love can do to totally turn and change a “label”! What a great life lesson in the sweetest doggie I know. Couldn’t help but say, “Aww” aloud while reading. And, to not just change how we perceive fearbiters in our lives, but to also let the love of God and His total acceptance, nurture, and never-leave-you-or-forsake-you-kind-of-love, transform our inner most beings as we believe the labels He’s given us–children, free, clean, new creation, loved, chosen, complete, fellow heirs with Christ, delighted in, holy, righteous, alive with Christ. Absolutely love Bailey’s story and the wonderful story-telling of his loving and patient mom. Thank you! Looking forward to more Single Devotion blog entries. 🙂

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  3. Janer, I loved this series!!! I loved the conclusion — that rough people may need time, patience & love to come around and may even become kissers in the end! Thanks for sharing these stories.

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  4. What a wonderful word picture of hope for change. I love that it’s a true story. Keep writing, Janer.


  5. Proof that the love of God – and scripture – easily applies to human:doggie relationships too! Hug Bailey for me, and hopefully he & I will meet someday.


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