Help me rename my blog!


Next month marks the two-year anniversary of my blog,  It’s been a meaningful journey for me, and I hope for you, too!

Through blogging, I’ve given you intimate access to my life and heart, as my writing often reflects my current circumstances and how I am processing them.

This has been especially true this past year, as I brought you along during the difficult but precious journey of my dad’s physical decline and passing. 

As I tearfully labored over posts such as Trusting God When People Screw Up, My First Christmas Without Presents, Dying Peacefully, Faced with a Life or Death Decision, Saying Farewell to Mom and Dad’s House, and Cherish Your Parents (while you can) you got a front-row seat as I grappled with some of my life’s hardest moments. 

By inviting you to be a part of my grieving process, I discovered perspective and healing along the way, and for that, I thank you! 

Many of you have shared that something I wrote encouraged you or motivated you to action.  As always, that is the greatest reward of all for me.  If you missed reading any of the posts listed above, you can catch up now by clicking on the titles.

As I look ahead to year three of my blogging adventure, I need your input!

When I chose “singledevotion” as the name for my blog, I envisioned that my primary audience would be single adults.  But in reality, my readership has turned out to be much more diverse, and the topics I write about apply to just about everyone.

A married friend commented about a year ago that if she didn’t know me personally, she would probably not read a blog titled “singledevotion” because she would assume it is for singles. 

So, even though there is a broader secondary meaning to the title singledevotion (i.e., the importance of have a single-hearted devotion to God), I think it may be time for a new name for my blog!

That’s where I need YOUR help.  Many of you have been faithful readers for a while, and have a sense of the flavor and purpose of my writing.

Would you give me some ideas for a new blog name?  I would like it to appeal to a wide audience—marrieds, singles, men, women, and people in various stages of spiritual development.

Please list your ideas in the comment section below.  If you are reading via Facebook, you can also leave your ideas there (or email me if you are a personal friend)!

Thanks again for being a part of my life, and for the privilege of being part of yours.

All my best.


9 thoughts on “Help me rename my blog!

  1. I’m going to think about this title miss jane..thank you for sharing yourself with us these last 2 years.. I sure have enjoyed your posts. 💜


  2. Dear Jane,

    Two ideas have come to me after thinking and praying about your request for help to rename your blog: 1. Transparent Devotions and 2. Under His Wings

    Love, Lorna


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