The Tortoise Approach

th[5]When I started singledevotion last July, I set a goal to publish two posts per month. Since I have a lot of “archived” writing from my pre-blog days, I thought it would be realistic to write one new post each month and if needed, fill the other slot with some “recycled” material that has never been shared online.

What happened is that the “bottled up” writer in me got so excited to be alive again that blog ideas burst through the starting gate and spilled out faster than I could contain them. I acted more like the hare, taking off in a mad sprint and publishing a new post every weekend instead of wisely taking the originally planned tortoise approach.

This will be my fifteenth post in sixteen weeks, and I confess that this rabbit needs to catch her breath. I am honored that since singledevotion was launched, there have been close to 1200 views. While I realize these statistics may not be impressive in the big leagues of blogging, it means a great deal to me that so many of you took time out of your busy lives to visit my blog (and even return for additional visits). It is my heart’s desire that something you read on singledevotion encouraged, inspired, or challenged you.

Because I hope to continue that mission, I don’t want this blog to follow the course of a firecracker that made a grand entrance only to fizzle on the side of the road shortly after. I need to slow down my pace, not only for my sake, but for some of you who have apologetically confessed you were “behind” in reading my blog. (By the way, you never need to feel guilty about that!)

You can expect a smorgasbord of themes on singledevotion in the coming months. Some of the ideas I have on the back burner address deeper topics, and I am developing these posts slowly and prayerfully. For those of you who prefer lighter fare, there will be a few lower caloric options, too.

Thank you again for reading singledevotion. When you see the quantity of my posts decrease, know that I haven’t burned out on the side of the road. This hare-turned-tortoise is simply regrouping to stay in the race for the long haul.

To make sure you don’t miss any singledevotion posts, I encourage you to officially “follow” my blog. It’s simple—all you have to do is scroll down on the right side of the page to the heading that says “Follow Blog via Email” and click on the button that says “Follow.” You’ll then receive an email asking you to confirm your request. After doing so, you’ll get an automated notification whenever I post something new!

I also always appreciate it when readers leave a comment or hit the “like” button. It is a tremendous blessing and encouragement to receive feedback that something I’ve written has touched you. (It also helps motivate this tortoise to keep plugging away!)

Blessings to you.

8 thoughts on “The Tortoise Approach

  1. Good for you, Jane. Love to read your words, no matter the distance between blogs.

    Love you,



  2. Jane,
    This joy that you are finding in your writing makes me want to do a happy dance! Need to get caught up one of these days.


  3. I’d do some Appalachian clogging for my happy dance for you and your writing and your blog. If I could write half as well as you, I’d do a happy dance for myself. But, alas! Love your writing. 🙂


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